Intelligence is extremely important in homeland defense and security. Our society is suspicious of intrusions on personal liberties. Mandated identity cards, restricted vehicle access and random searches of airline passengers are generally not well received. That makes it especially important to prevent terrorist attacks by interdicting the terrorists and their resources before they can reach their targets. The primary means of accomplishing this is through a combination of intelligence and law enforcement work.

Military intelligence branches have been extremely effective while operating in various countries with the use of multiple forms of intelligence: 

Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Geo spatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT), Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Strategic Intelligence (STRATINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Technical Intelligence (TECHINT). Simply stated, and reduced to the lowest common denominator, intelligence is information of the world about us. Regardless of the form of intelligence, the world can be divided into short-term, narrow focus, Tactical Intelligence, and long term broad focus, Strategic Intelligence.


This course will rapidly take you through the basics of intelligence/counterintelligence followed by standard and tested and proved techniques of both..citing case studies/examples. Intelligence/counterintelligence collection and operations will be looked into in detail , source operations/management , dissemination management..all from the perspective of the ever important HUMINT and a careful amalgamation with the counterintelligence element. The overall thrust will be in the direction of combating terrorism/insurgency using proven methods of both.



Intelligence & Counterintelligence Course Level 1 & 2

Course Training Standard
      Course Outline/Calendar Description
Course Title: Intelligence & Counterintelligence Course Level 1
Delivery Method: Online
Course Description:
Intelligence is a critical part of  operations. It is not separate from operations. Information, on its own, is not intelligence. However, when the intelligence process is properly applied, resulting intelligence products allow the operational planners to effectively interpret the  environment , gain a good situation understanding , plan and execute the operation successfully and forecast future actions or trends.
Intelligence & Counterintelligence Course Level 1 focuses on the intelligence process and counterintelligence and introduces the current concept of Every Soldier is a Sensor or ES2.ES2 is the overriding factor in the global transformation of intelligence and it has been very successfully applied to situations in Iraq/Bosnia. A case study has been elaborated to drive home the concept. The case study is based on a real situation. Counterintelligence is treated with reference to insurgency but the techniques can well be extrapolated and applied to terrorism as well. The intelligence-operations dynamic has been highlighted and the importance has been very clearly outlined.HUMINT has been discussed in detail.The student is given a thorough brush of HUMINT before being taken into the world of ES2 and Counterintelligence. Initial lessons conform to doctrinal concepts but gradually newer methods are focused upon.
The course is designed with the student in mind and too much technical terms and abbreviations are avoided. Any person with a security acumen can do this course but once complete will have added a very good brief on intelligence,counterintelligence and applications to his repository.
The course has been designed by army officers and research scholars. The RIEAS and ATAB top management staff have overseen the course development.
Course Objective(s):
  Define intelligence,HUMINT,various types of intelligence disciplines and counterintelligence
  Define insurgency and counterinsurgency.
  Describe the  intelligence cycle
  Explain how an intelligence project is planned and directed
  List and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various intelligence disciplines.
  List and explain the advantages and disadvantages of HUMINT
  Describe ES2
  Describe the advantages of ES2
  Explain the importance of intelligence in operations and vice versa
  Explain HUMINT functions,process,traits of HUMINT collectors and advantages and limitations of HUMINT
  Explain source operations
  Explain the counterintelligence structure
  Explain the functions,techniques of counterintelligence and the support it gives to military security and force protection.
  Explain Force Protection and the need of Counterintelligence in Force Protection.
  Explain the techniques of insurgent counterintelligence
  Explain the techniques of Government Counterintelligence
  Explain deception types and characteristics

         Course Training Standard
 Content Provider/Subject Matter Expert(s):
Content Provider(s): Research Institute for European and American Studies in collaboration with Tactical Intelligence Operations Control Center and Anti terrorism Accreditation Board ATAB.
Subject Matter Expert: KESHAV MAZUMDAR
Content for this course was provided by members of the RIEAS ATAB and TIOCC Education initiative team with assistance from the TIOCC War College. The War College offers specialized and advanced courses in antiterrorism, intelligence and counterintelligence , PSD , Bodyguard Protection , Tactical driving , Close Combat and Surveillance..ATAB Professionals are drawn from diverse fields such as Army,Law enforcement and Security Industry.


              Asymmetric Warfare


              Terrorism and intelligence

              Need for Intelligence 1

              Need for Intelligence 2

              Need for Intelligence 3

              Actionable Intelligence

              Actionable Intelligence-ES2 I

              Actionable Intelligence-ES2 II

              The Intelligence Process 1

              Categories of Intelligence

              The Intelligence Process -CIA Notes

              COIN Process Summary

              HUMINT & CI

              HUMINT Operations

              Intelligence/CI Derivatives

              HUMINT - COLLECTOR Traits

              HUMINT-COLLECTOR Traits 2

              HUMINT Limitations

              What is CI/HUMINT?Differences


              Counterintelligence:Its Need

              Introduction to CI

              Counterintelligence-Important note


              Terrorism & Intelligence

              Espionage and Terrorist Counterintelligence

              CI DOCTRINE--Its need

              The Anatomy of Counterintelligence

              Counterintelligence-Force Protection

              Espionage and terrorist CI

              Insurgent CI

              The CI Agent




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