Keshav Mazumdar


Career Snapshot

         Present : Vice President (Training) Antiterrorism Accreditation Board USA

         Present : Advisor RIEAS (Athens)

         Present : Advisor European Intelligence Academy (Athens)

Program Manager War College

Director (BIRS) India

Nine years Terrorism Research/Studies

16 yrs Intelligence HUMINT/CI/TACHUMINT studies/field work. Tasked/Vol.

Managing open-source intelligence, counterintelligence course as course administrator, authoring manuals on Intelligence/counterintelligence/antiterrorism.

Liaison with army/parallel int agencies.

Recent Achievements

Taken up as Sr  President ATAB USA

Antiterrorism Officer credential from S2 Institute USA

Authorized by ATAB USA to impart training in intelligence/counterintelligence to security forces combating insurgency and terrorism 

Launch (preliminary stage) of first ever easy access Counterintelligence course on web for verified Security professionalís only. Non profit dissemination.

Nominated as Fellow of New Westminster College , Canada. Other Indian Distinguished Fellows are Late Prime Minister India I.K.Gujral.General V.K.Singh , Lt Gen V.P.Malik.

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Datamining , Cyber Surveillance

His Mission Statement

My mission is to perform so efficiently that I may my own little remove the stigma on CI..that it is not not fast track..only complements intelligence..and deliver the goods so well that young officers will be attracted to follow us in what we know is a noble profession and where the need is so great.

Further.. Any CI program worthy of the name has to be able to engage the opposition on the street. And when we do go to the street, we have to be the best service there.If we are beaten on the street, it is worse than not having been there at all.I want to be the best on the street. And NOT concede it to enemy intelligence.


Intelligencer/Antiterrorism Officer

KSA's consist of the following:

  • Adequate knowledge of Intelligence Management,
  •  Enterprise and Architecture.
  • Indications & Warning.
  • Policy formulation
  • Adequate knowledge of HUMINT/CI TTPs.
  • Force Protection.
  • Counterintelligence Review.
  • Terrorism Threat Assessment and Criticality Analysis
  • (CARVER)
  • Access Control.
  • Administering online course in intelligence/counterintelligenceóadvanced concepts applicable to terrorism and insurgency.
  •  COIN Targeting/COIN FP/Counterintelligence,LRS,RSTA,HUMINT,ISR IN COIN
  • Administering/Designing online courses in HUMINT/CI/ANTITERRORISM


Key Skills

Threat profiling

Threat Assessment




Devising & applying  Compliance Controls


Understanding deception

Cyber crime

Authoring texts/training manuals on Intelligence/Counterintelligence/Terrorism.

Administrator of online Counterintelligence Course.

Understanding HUMINT/Counterintelligence Architecture

Managing 16  Committees from every security domain as Senior Vice President- delegating/allocating resources/ensuring compliance/indoctrining-training/managing training repository/Preparing Summary findings and making Recommendations.


Handling graft charges, Surveillance and

Busting a civil-Bangladeshi nexus.



and Asset Management

Design of intelligence units at Company and lower levels.Enabling intelligence support to ground troops.Pushing down intelligence capability.Intelligence Capable platoons.

Independent maintenance of crime/terrorism threat profiles and analysis.

Committee Management , Policy formulation , Delegation of Authority

To Senior most staff including Admirals/Generals.