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My intent is to incorporate solution for UNCERTAINTY in warfare in existing Doctrine.Uncertainty leads to Surprise , something which is the primary endeavour of any Commander in warfare.Indications and Warning surely affords a solution , but indications and warning often leads to a reactive intelligence collection..we wait until a new capability or weapons system is discovered , that capability or system is implemented by the enemy with devastating results , still we cannot counter it as it being new we do not have a defense system nor a counter-system , and by the time we develop it they have either have had sufficient time to test it practically on us and develop it further or we have had terrible losses in our armed forces , installation , C2 nodes or for that matter overall defeat.Had we incorporated adaptability , creativity , exploration , continual experimentation , critical reviews of existing tactics , techniques , procedures and SOPs in light of intelligence information about an asymmetric enemy with our counterintelligence being totally offensive to get us information on plans before the indicators surface (thats why I said reactive intelligence collection--before the indicators surface we know nothing of their plans) then we wouldn't be taken by surprise and we would have been prepared for that new developed capability or weapons system.
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